I hope this isn’t going to jinx me…

I liked this post from Victoria Schwab on how to deal with the dreaded sagging middle of a first draft:

By the time you hit the middle, you’ve written enough to know things are wrong, but you don’t yet know how to fix them. This. This right here. This is my hell. I revise and polish as I go, and I’ve now written enough books that I can tell when something needs fixing long before I’m capable of fixing it. In writing, things often need to be before they can be improved). Which brings me to this…

You have to KEEP GOING.

I am going to come back and re-read this post if I get stuck.

Currently, things are going well with James’ story. Over halfway through the first draft and keeping on schedule. My goal is to finish James’ story and then wrap up Edward’s story before Nationals. Hopefully, this will not jinx me!

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