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RWA National Conference: One Survivor’s Account (part 1)

Making my way to the madness known as the Romance Writers of America’s national conference was an experience. Whoever said “getting there is half the fun” never tried to navigate the Newark airport. Step 1: The packing Since it takes … Continue reading

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A brief escape from revising

I can either continue revising scenes for Sophie and Sebastian’s story, or I can write a blog post. Yeah, didn’t have to put much thought into that choice. The revising is going slowly because I am looking at each scene … Continue reading

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My first experience with a critique group

It could get ugly. Then again, it could be the best experience I’ve ever had while not in a horizontal position. While at the RWA conference, I’m going to participate in the Carina Press Critique Group. Basically, I sit down … Continue reading

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Contests: Useful Feedback or Complete Waste of Time and Money?

Note: I can only speak of RWA contests. I know nothing of other writing contents, for good or ill. Entering a writing contest can be a lot like playing the Lottery. Whether you get someone who loves your work or … Continue reading

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The Calculus of Rewriting

I do not like math. I was an English major. I should be exempt from this math stuff. That goes double for Calculus. I got a request for a manuscript, so I went back to look at it to see … Continue reading

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