A brief escape from revising

I can either continue revising scenes for Sophie and Sebastian’s story, or I can write a blog post. Yeah, didn’t have to put much thought into that choice.

The revising is going slowly because I am looking at each scene to make sure that the point-of-view character’s goals are clear in each scene. What is he trying to do? Who is thwarting him and why?

I don’t remember where I read this advice (I would love to give credit where it’s due) but someone once said that if you’re having problems with a character’s GMC, go back and revise the previous scene. The problem isn’t with the current scene, it’s with the setup that led to it. I am finding that helpful as I go through this manuscript One Last Time before sending it out.

All the last-minute preparations for the RWA conference aren’t helping my concentration either. But I want to finish revising these scenes before I go. My beta reader is going to think I’ve forgotten her if I don’t send it soon.

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