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Contests: Useful Feedback or Complete Waste of Time and Money?

Note: I can only speak of RWA contests. I know nothing of other writing contents, for good or ill. Entering a writing contest can be a lot like playing the Lottery. Whether you get someone who loves your work or … Continue reading

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The Calculus of Rewriting

I do not like math. I was an English major. I should be exempt from this math stuff. That goes double for Calculus. I got a request for a manuscript, so I went back to look at it to see … Continue reading

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I wake to write and take my writing slow (Or, Why I don’t like the term “Pantser”)

Does it matter whether you are a plotter or a pantser? Short answer: So long as the book gets written and the reader cares enough to turn the page, who cares? Longer answer: It can matter because┬áthe latter term seems … Continue reading

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Rules for Writing

Ursula K. Le Guin wrote a wonderful essay, Talking About Writing, which is her response to the question “How do I become a writer?”

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Why book covers matter

It’s amazing how much difference a cover can make. It really can change your impression of the story.

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This will make everything ok.

Worked for me, anyway. Click below: Make Everything Okay.

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Of course, I did jinx myself. But not in a bad way.

Haven’t written anything for James’ story for two days now. I received a request for the full manuscript for Sebastian and Sophie’s story, so I’ve been looking at that manuscript, considering if I need to tweak anything.

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